Sports Kangaroos NFT

Are you ready for the Tokyo Games?

Sports Kangaroos: #2020 Unique randomly generated Kangaroo NFTs with 100+ different sports traits, created according to the ERC-721 standard.

The Sports Kangaroo collection will drop on July 21, launching with the start of the Tokyo Games!

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Drop Details

  • #2020 Unique Kangaroo NFTs
  • 100+ sports traits & designs
  • Random mint: July 21, 5PM EST
  • Reveal date: July 24, 5PM EST
  • Price 0.06 ETH - No Bonding curves
  • 1 Gold, Silver & Bronze Kangaroo

Rarity & Special Kangaroos

All Sports Kangaroos will contain a combination of different traits that make some kangaroos more rare than others. Of all 2020 kangaroos, 3 are very special. A bronze, silver and gold kangaroo are the top items of the collection. Will you be the lucky one that mints one of these winners?

Mint your Kangaroos (July 21, 5 PM EST)

Mint 1 Kangaroo

Mint 3 Kangaroos

Mint 5 Kangaroos

Mint 10 Kangaroos

Join the Sports Kangaroos

Discord community

Join the Sports Kangaroo Community, watch sports together and share your enthusiasm. Our discord server is the place to chat about the Sports Kangaroos & the games.
We will also do some special discord Kangaroo giveaways!.

Commercial Rights

The owner of a Sports Kangaroo has full rights to the image. This means you can use the kangaroo on all your socials, for print or whatever you want! Show your kangaroo to anyone who loves sports!

Community Fund

We will use the 7.5% royalties of the secondary sales for a special community fund. The owners of the Sports Kangaroos will decide what we do with this. Share your suggestions on the #suggestions channel on discord. More info about the Community Fund soon!

Kangaroo Trainers

Boxing Champ Eman

Eman is a retired semi-professional boxer and an allrounder in the kangaroo team. He leads the project and is involved in every decision that is being made.

Kungfu Peterson

Kungfu Peterson is the technical brain behind Sports Kangaroos. He makes sure the servers are running smoothly and is involved in all things regarding smart contracts and blockchain.

Mama Sarah

Mama is the shepherd of the kangaroo community. She’s our community manager and can be found on discord most of the time discussing her favorite sports and interacting with other kangaroos.

Jumping Jack

Jumping Jack is the creative genius in the trainer team. He designs everything for sports kangaroos, from the illustrations to the logos and social media posts.